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Science and technology are fundamental pillars in the development of our society. However, the true impact of their advances only materializes when their knowledge reaches the different social sectors in a clear, accessible and meaningful way.

The International Symposium on Public Communication of Science and Technology 2024 and IX National Colloquium on Science Recreation focuses on exploring and promoting effective communication strategies that bring science and technology closer to all people, especially sectors that traditionally have not had a voice in discussions.

From April 10 to 12, 2024, we will have the privilege of listening to leading experts from different parts of the world, who will share their experiences, research, and reflections on the public communication of science and technology. In addition, there will be a unique platform to establish collaboration networks and strengthen links between scientific communication professionals. It will be a valuable opportunity to meet colleagues from different disciplines, exchange ideas and generate strategic alliances that further promote science outreach in Mexico, Latin America and the whole world.