Please complete the following form to register for the International Symposium on Public Communication of Science and Technology and the IX National Colloquium on Science Recreation.

Once you send the form, we will provide you with payment information in the following 24 hours. The registration process will be complete when payment is received.

The registration fee includes participation in all the event sessions, the participant’s materials kit, and the coffee break service. Only people with the registration fee covered will have the right to a certificate for their participation.


Early registration cost for members of Recreación en Cadena, RedPOP and the PCST Network (until February 16)

$1,000.00 (One thousand pesos) – USD$60.00 (Sixty dollars)

Early registration cost (until February 16)

$1,500.00 (One thousand five hundred pesos) – USD$90.00 (Ninety dollars)

Registration for members of Recreación en Cadena, RedPOP and PCST Network (From February 17 to April 12)

$1,200.00 (One thousand two hundred pesos) – USD$70.00 (Seventy dollars)

Registration cost (From February 17 to April 12)

$1,800.00 (One thousand eight hundred pesos) – USD$110.00 (One hundred and ten dollars)

The payment options and mechanics, such as transfer to account and Paypal, will be announced as of October 1, 2023.